100% recycled polypropylene non-woven geotextile, 350 g/m2.


The geotextile is mainly used as a protective and separating layer between the pool structure and the SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membrane. The composition of the geotextile acts as a fungicidal barrier. This prevents the creation of unsightly stains on the membrane caused by the spread of microorganisms.

Advantages of SOPREMA
POOL Tex 350 PP Geotextile
  • Made of 100% recycled polypropylene fibres.
  • Separation: prevents contact between non-compatible materials by acting as a chemical barrier.
  • Protection and reinforcement: provides puncture resistance to the SOPREMAPOOL waterproofing membrane.
  • Biological resistance: protects against bacteria and fungi.
  • The 1.50 m width facilitates the butt installation of the reinforced membrane.

How the geotextile helps the reinforced membrane
  • Prevents the spread of microorganisms, fungi and bacteria between the reinforced membrane and the pool structure.
  • Extends the life of the membrane due to the protection it affords.
  • Disguises irregularities in the structure so that the membrane is smoother and more even once installed.
  • Avoids incompatibilities between the structure and the membrane.


STEP 1: To prevent the geotextile from shifting during installation, it is advisable to fix it to the structure using the special spray adhesive Alsan Bond Pool SP, a fast drying solvent-based spray adhesive for bonding the geotextile to the pool structure prior to installing the reinforced membrane. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

STEP 2: Alsan Bond Pool SP adhesive can also be used to bond the geotextile to the pool floor.

STEP 3: Join the geotextile with aluminium tape. It is also necessary to protect the geotextile with aluminium tape at the points where the membrane will subsequently be welded as this will prevent the geotextile from getting burned.  


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