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Simulate your pool in augmented reality with the SopremaPool AR app. Available on Google Play and Apple Store. 

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SopremaPool AR

Simulate your pool in augmented reality

SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membranes


New range of reinforced membranes for waterprofing and lining the pool basin. In addition, they are non-slip. Feel its new texture through touch!


With SOPREMAPOOL 3D we bring nature directly to your pool! Now with 6 new reinforced membranes: Sahara, Rock, Ocean, Infinite, White Wood and Vanilla.

Products for SOPREMAPOOL

Alsan Bond Pool SP

Your best ally for a fast, easy and efficient gluing of the geotextile to the pool basin. With a few sprays, the geotextile will be perfectly adhered.


Build the pool of your dreams with the SOPREMAPOOL app. Download it for free!



SopremaPool app

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SOPREMAPOOL swimming pools

Design pools waterproofed with SopremaPool reinforced membrane

Swimming pools made with SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membranes

Swimming pools made with dark coloured SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membranes

SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membranes in thermal swimming pools

SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membranes in swimming pools with original shapes

Public and private swimming pools made with SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membranes

SOPREMAPOOL 3D membrane installation - butt welding - 

 Do you know how to install the SOPREMAPOOL 3D reinforced membrane using the butt welding method?

Cleaning and disinfection

Installation on the pool walls

Installation on the pool ladder

Edge-to-edge welding: Installation at the bottom pool

Verification of welds, liquid PVC and installation of accessories

SOPREMAPOOL membrane installation

We present the installation of the SOPREMAPOOL reinforced membrane with overlap. Indicated for DESIGN, PREMIUM and ONE membranes.

Preparation of the pool basin

Installation on the walls

Installation on the ladder

Installation at the bottom

Installation of accessories