SopremaPool AR app

Simulate your pool in augmented reality

Discover your dream pool with the new SopremaPool AR app

As warmer weather approaches, it's the perfect time to envision a personal oasis at home.

At SOPREMA we are proud to introduce the SOPREMAPOOL AR app, revolutionizing how users visualize their ideal pools through augmented reality.



Visualize the dream pool

With the SopremaPool AR app, users can transform their pool visions into reality:

  • Customization and realistic visualization: Input dimensions and place the pool in the perfect location to preview its appearance before construction.
  • Design options: Choose from a variety of SOPREMAPOOL membrane designs and colors.
  • Realistic  simulation: Experience the pool in real-time, filled or empty, and capture and share images.
  • Detailed information: Receive accurate data on the selected product and the approximate required square meters.


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