Soprema launches the SopremaPool app

The ultimate app for waterproofing projects of swimming pools with reinforced membranes

Soprema launches the SopremaPool app: the ultimate tool for waterproofing projects of swimming pools with reinforced membranes

SopremaPool launches the most complete app designed for installers, distributors and pool owners to carry out all their waterproofing projects for swimming pools with reinforced synthetic membranes.

It is a professional tool but also very useful for the end user in case they need to renew their existing pool or build a new one since it is completely free.

The app is available in four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish. It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store and also used offline.

Everything installers, distributors and pool owners need in one place!

The menu consists of:

> Collections
Information about the entire SopremaPool range. In addition it shows the final result of each model to see the real appearance of each membrane once it is installed in the pool with water and sunlight effects.

> Configure your pool
Thanks to the configurator, users can virtually build their dream pool by selecting the different colours and membrane designs along with decks and environments to get as close as possible to the final result of the project. With this configurator, the user can see how the pool looks when it is empty, filled with water, in sunlight and even at night.

> Documentation
A place where the user can easily and directly access all of SopremaPool’s commercial documentation, technical sheets, certificates and installation methods.

> Notifications
The user will always be up to date with all the news from SopremaPool.

> Contact
At Soprema, customers always have available a commercial and technical team fully committed to providing the support and training needed for all their swimming pool projects. The user can easily get in touch with Soprema by completing the contact form.

The app’s design means that images and documents can be downloaded to the user’s device and easily and conveniently shared with their contacts.    

Download it now!

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