Now with 6 new reinforced membranes

In love with the immensity of the ocean and breathtaking landscapes? With SOPREMAPOOL 3D we bring nature directly to your pool!

Now with 6 new reinforced membranes:

  • Sensitive Rock
  • Sensitive Sahara
  • Sensitive Ocean
  • Sensitive Infinite
  • Sensitive Vanilla
  • Sensitive White Wood



Made up of 1.8 mm single-colour textured reinforced membranes for waterproofing and lining the pool basin. In addition, they are non-slip.

SOPREMAPOOL 3D recreates the shapes and the touch and feel experience of natural materials. An attractive 3D design is combined with the performance advantages of a reinforced PVC lining: simple and fast installation as well as high protective and waterproofing capacity.


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